PIcture of  Schweizer 1-26 Glider

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Glider ride gift certificates are available. Please contact us for more information.

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Grob 103 Twin II Training Glider

$120.00 per lesson

$140.00 per lesson

We offer glider training leading to FAA Private, Commercial, and Instructor Certificates. We also offer glider training for power pilots transitioning to gliders. Around 30-40 flights with a glider instructor are typically required to solo in a glider. This number may vary based on several factors including student ability and frequency of lessons. Please contact us for more information on weight requirements and other specifics.
Photo of Schwizer 2-22E Glider
Photo of Grob 103 Glider
Photo of Schweizer 2-33A Glider
Photo of Glider Flight Simulator

Schweizer 2-22E Training Glider

Schweizer 2-33A Training Glider

$120.00 per lesson

Triple Monitor Glider Simulator

$75.00 per hour with instructor